How Glossaread conducts seminars?

Glossaread’s highly interactive seminars will be conducted by leaders who are steering the industries from various back grounds. There will be collaborative projects of professional significance to implement and present to the expert panelists. You will be highly involved in these projects, work offline, prepare and learn collaboratively. In past we have had very successful seminars conducted where students learnt best practices which have helped them get ahead. Why not take advantage of this opportunity at present while you still have the chance?

How Glossaread conducts guest lectures?

Glossaread will bring in top industry leaders for lectures to your college for topics of high interests to you and your career growth. Get Inspired. Listen to their fresh perspectives. Grab this golden opportunity and network for your career. Prepare well with us for the chances which are to come.

How Glossaread conducts certification courses?

Glossaread will let you choose the Certifications you want to pursue. Click You will be part of the workshop batch with an interactive group training and an extensive online self paced course. Completion of this course will follow a small evaluation and issuing of the certificate.

How Glossaread conducts Industrial Visits?

You will be part of a group which visits the Company on a day suitable to the industry site. You will have a mentor to take you around the campus, have practical interactions, see the working methods and address your questions.

Why are Seminars and Guest Lectures important for Students ?
  • It Encourages dialogue and discussions
  • Seminars and workshops allow discussion in your group pertaining to the business world. You hear from Industry Experts about other ideas on the topic of Seminar – in a setting that encourages conversation.

  • Receive Fresh Viewpoint
  • There are lots of different topics of professional significance. There are lot of common problems or topics that one faces in professional life. Speakers can share their insights and views on how to resolve problems, which can offer a fresh perspective when dealing with the problem.

  • Develop New Ideas
  • You may find inspiration from the speakers that can encourage you in your career goals. You may come up with a new way to handle things or a new ideas.

  • Improve Your Skills
  • You can find Certification programs which have workshops to help you develop new skills that can help you get ahead and be future ready. This can make a positive impact on your career.

  • Networking
  • Getting a job may depend on what you know along with who you know. That’s why you should take the opportunity to network whenever you can.

    How do I Register with Glossaread?

    Go to and click on Register on top right of the Page. Add valid details and Click Register. You will receive a verification email on your email id provided. Verify your email id by opening the email and clicking on Verify.

    How do I Login , if already Registered?

    Go to and click on Login on top Right. Add already created user-id and password and click on Login.

    How do I verify my email account ?

    Go to the mailbox of the email id used while registering with Glossaread Platform. You must have received an email from Glossaread Support / Glossaread Mail System, Open the email and click on Verify.

    How do I recover my forgotten Password?

    Go to URL Click on I Forgot my password. Enter email address and Click on Send. In your mailbox you will receive the Steps to change Password.

    How do I see all Course /Seminar/Workshop offerings from Glossaread for MIT students?

    Go to to see what we offer in Guest Lectures, Seminars, Certification Courses and Industry Visits.

    How do I Pay for the seminars/guest lectures/industrial visits/certification courses ?

  • Go to
  • Click on Register.
  • Click on Courses.
  • Then choose on page what you want to add to cart and add all courses you want to attend.
  • Make payment using Paytm or VISA card.
  • You will receive an email for payment confirmation.
  • Where do I see all Certification courses details?

    Register at , login and then view details at